g i a n t

i s o p o d s ! !

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i figured out how to add a picture of an isopod!! :]

please help lmao

fun facts about isopods!

~ we have 14 legs!

~ though we usually live about 200 metres below sea level, we've been found at depths of more than 2,500 metres!

~ we're crustaceans, just like crabs and lobsters!

~ you can meet us at the monterey bay aquarium in california!

~ according to [wikipedia], there are over 4,500 species of marine isopods!

~ among those marine isopods, around 20 of them are types of giant isopods!

~ but if you're including every type of isopod, there are more than 10,000 species!

~ we're just like the pillbugs you can meet on land, but bigger!

~ the seven known species of supergiant isopods are bathynomous lowri, bathynomous crosnieri, bathynomous keablei, bathynomous kensleyi, bathynomous richeri, bathynomous giganteus, and bathynomous miyarei!

facts about me!

~ my name is squeeg!

~ you can call me 'he' or 'it'!

~ as a bathynomous kensleyi, i'm roughly half a metre long!

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